Why Can't A Tesla Be Towed

Why Can’t A Tesla Be Towed – Is It Only A Myth?

So why can’t a tesla be towed? This guide will analyze the well-known Tesla and evaluate whether it can be flat-towed or not.

Since a dolly or motorhome is not required, several people believe flat towing to be simpler and more affordable. It’s sometimes referred to as four-wheel pulling or dinghy hauling. Several cars must meet precise specifications to do this securely and without damaging the gearbox since all four tires must contact the ground.

Over the past several years, Tesla vehicles have grown in popularity. These all-electric cars result from a corporation’s efforts to move the globe towards renewable energy. If you possess one, you’re undoubtedly very pleased with it. You could, however, also enjoy travelling and buy a campervan. You want to pull your Tesla on your subsequent journey flat to make accessing several tight spaces easier. 

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Most frequently, when individuals move in a campervan or other navigable RV, they wish to bring along another car. It’s useful as they get to their destination and decide to explore the area, go out to supper, or visit a particular historic site.

There are several ways to tow the auto you brought along. Towing flat loads is among them. But remember that not every automobile has the flat pulling capability, so be sure to read the owner’s handbook of the automobile you intend to pull. In a flat towing, all four car tires are on the ground. Additionally, a dolly could have its front two tires attached. Let’s look at why can’t a tesla be towed.

Why Can’t A Tesla be Towed?

The Tesla cannot be flat-towed, even if you might wish to bring it on trips. You’ll need to use a different approach or have someone else operate it. No all-electric cars can yet be flat-towed. Thus a vehicle cannot be flat-towed when in neutral. An automatic transmission disconnection is required instead. There could be significant issues and costly maintenance if you attempt to flat-tow in neutral without a powertrain disconnection.

The Tesla’s conditioning mechanism must be operational to give relief as the gearing rotate and warm up the bearings. It doesn’t occur when being pulled in neutral, though. Only with the vehicle switched on does the conditioning system work. So, warming is a severe issue when you put a Tesla idle.

Even for a short range, attempting to flat-pull might seriously damage your car. Since your flat pulled against the company’s advice, the warranty will probably not cover the damages. According to Tesla, all vehicles should get towed behind a flatbed carriage.

So, How To Tow A Tesla?

Although your Tesla can get pulled if done correctly, disregarding Tesla’s suggested towing procedure might lead to substantial damage to your vehicle! To start, we recommend you always follow the directions in your Tesla’s owner’s handbook.

When you start reading the instructions, you’ll see that it suggests that all 4 of your Tesla’s tires be off the road throughout the pulling procedure. And it means you’ll require a platform truck or motor home. If you possess these choices, you could securely pull your Tesla eternally.

The maker of Tesla recommends using a flatbed trailer for hauling. The warranty could get voided if you use a different approach. Verify the trailer’s cargo limit to be sure.

A standard Tesla weighs 4,500 pounds. Additionally, you need to confirm that your tow automobile can support the combined capacity of your Tesla and hitch. The majority of Class A RVs are capable of towing. They could often support approximately 15,000 pounds.

Towing Procedure Of A Tesla

We’ll provide you with some advice on securely towing your Tesla to your new location as now you know why can’t a tesla be towed.

  • You’ll have to switch your Tesla into Transport Mode to start the procedure. But for this feature to work, your automobile must be powered up and able to identify a key. Please be aware that when your Tesla is in Transportation Modes, the car’s speed will significantly reduce. Your Tesla would, therefore, only be allowed to go 30 feet at a speed of three mph. While in Transportation Modes, we almost certainly promise that your automobile will overheat if you attempt to boost the speed or range.
  • Transportation Mode is handy if your automobile must get hoisted to get placed onto a flatbed pickup or trailer. It could also get utilized if you move your car before pulling it. Your car would indicate “Free Rolling” on the center console while in Transportation Modes, indicating that it has recognized that the parking brake is not engaged. We advise you to confirm that you’ve got the vehicle in park.
  • After ensuring the automobile is parked, apply and retain the brake. Choose Controls, Servicing, and Hauling on your vehicle’s display when you’re doing this. When you choose Towing, a notification outlining the limitations of pulling your car and how your Tesla’s Transportation Mode works will appear. When things are satisfactory, click the Transportation Mode option to begin moving.

Vehicles Tow Hook

While preparing to tow your Tesla, we know that one of your initial chores would be identifying your vehicle’s tow socket or tow connection. Pull up the carpeting in your vehicle’s front compartment instead of searching in futile and getting angry. When you have done that, check the top left side, where it should be visible. Once you’ve located it, firmly press the rounder part to cause the opposite side to pop out of your vehicle’s trunk.

Pull the elevated end loose until it releases, then fastens it to the hook so your Tesla can get securely pulled. It is the concluding step. Follow Tesla’s guidelines if you have to haul your Tesla to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Bottom Line

Pulling your Tesla doesn’t need to be complicated. Remember that the tires must be off the surface. You now have everything you require to maintain your Tesla as secure as it safeguards you.

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