park brake limited function service required

What Causes The Park Brake Limited Function Service Required Error?

What is the meaning of the “Park brake limited function service required” message and how to fix it? This post will tackle the problem and look into it to determine what it signifies and why it displays on the dashboard of your vehicle.

What Does “Park Brake Limited Function Service Required” Mean?

The “park brake limited function service required” message means there is a problem that needs attention has been found in the park brake system. 

Even if the issue is apparent, certain features are still accessible; nonetheless, it is advised that you see an authorized dealer as soon as you can.

What Causes “Park Brake Limited Function Service Required”?

For a number of reasons, your automobile may display the park brake limited function service required error. Here we have listed some of them.

When the Battery Runs Out, the Fault Manifests

This message has been observed to occur after certain motorists have replaced the dead battery packs in their vehicles.

In one instance, the battery, which was still quite fresh, was depleted to 6 volts in addition to recovery, causing the driver to experience the park brake issue after replacing the battery.

An error notice comes when one attempts to start the car. Every time you press and remove the brake, more error warnings will show up, including “park brakes not applied/released.”

Even if the driver can hear the parking brake properly engaging, the subsequent error notice still shows. Although the fault warnings, the parking brake functions well.

Wire Associated with the Parking Brake that is Rusted or Worn Out

If a wire connected to the parking brake system is broken, an error notice can show up. 

The ABS wire near your car’s chassis is the most likely offender. On the exterior, this wire has insulation in a wiring loop with a harness. Despite being quite well-insulated, the wires inexplicably get severed.

The ABS cable gets severed as a result, as one end of the wiring harness is connected to the spinning axle while the other is inserted into the ABS boxes.

The wheel responds to the road during your driving. Therefore one end of the cable is fixed, whereas the other flexes repeatedly when the wheels jump or respond to the state of the road.

This results in the wires severing and reestablishing contact only sporadically, which causes the error notice to come and go.


This issue has been reported by drivers who are driving around flooded areas or in the rain. 

A car should be able to manage rain. Therefore, we would say this might be a design flaw. In other cases, the water may just help to alert the operator of an underlying issue with the vehicle. It’s possible that a spray of water will reveal exposed or damaged wires.

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