What Causes "park brake malfunction service now" Message

What Causes Park Brake Malfunction Service Now Message?

Did you notice “park brake malfunction service now” and wondering what’s wrong with your park brake? We will let you know how you can swiftly resolve the park brake malfunction message message and drive with utter confidence. Let’s get going!

What Causes the “Park Brake Malfunction Service Now” Message?

The “Park brake malfunction service now” message can be a result of faulty sensors, brake actuator issues, electric failures, low brake fluid, mechanical obstructions or software issues. Let’s discuss these factors a bit. 

Faulty Sensors

Malfunctioning sensors, responsible for detecting the status of the parking brake. During our tests, we have seen these sensors causing inaccurate readings and triggering the “park brake malfunction service now” message.

Brake Actuator Issues

Moreover, problems with the brake actuator, the component responsible for engaging and disengaging the parking brake, can result in parking brake malfunctions and the said message.

Electrical Failures

Also, issues within the electrical system, such as damaged wiring or a malfunctioning control module, may disrupt the proper functioning of the parking brake and prompt the service notification.

Low Brake Fluid Levels

Inadequate brake fluid levels can impact the hydraulic system. As a result, it affects the park brake’s performance and prompts the system to generate a service alert.

Mechanical Obstructions

Physical obstructions or damage to the mechanical components of the park brake system can lead to malfunctions and trigger the service message, too.

Software Glitches

Software glitches or bugs within the vehicle’s onboard computer system can cause false readings or errors related to the parking brake, leading to the display of the service now message. But this can happen occasionally, so you should not neglect checking the vehicle. 

How to Fix Park Brake Malfunction Service Now?

To resolve the park brake malfunction triggering a “service now” message, you have to check each component that can caused the park brake malfunctioning. We recommend the following guide to properly deal with the “park brake malfunction service now” message. 

1st step

First of all, check whether brake fluid levels are adequate. Low levels can impact hydraulic systems, causing malfunctions. If low, top up following your vehicle’s specifications.

2nd step

Next, examine park brake sensors and associated wiring for damage. Faulty sensors may provide inaccurate readings, triggering the service alert.

3rd step

Consult your vehicle’s manual for instructions on resetting the park brake system. A simple reset can sometimes resolve minor glitches causing the service message.

4th step

If the brake actuator is at fault, the best practice would be to consult a professional mechanic for repairs or replacement. Malfunctions in this component can lead to service alerts.

5th step

Inspect the park brake mechanism for physical obstructions or damage. Sometimes, the debris and other contaminants can block its functioning. So, clear any debris and ensure the mechanical components operate smoothly.

6th step

Check for software updates related to the park brake system. Manufacturers may release updates to address software glitches causing service alerts.

7th step

If the recommended DIY attempts don’t resolve the issue, the next best thing that we suggest is to consult a qualified mechanic. They can conduct a thorough diagnostic to identify and address complex malfunctions.

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