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Best ATV for Plowing Snow – Best ATVs for Efficient Snow Plowing!

With the heavy snow in the winter season, you need to get rid of snow on roads, driveways, and in your backyard. Using an ATV to plow the snow is an effective way with lots of fun. ATVs have specific functions that help in removing snow. What is the best ATV for plowing snow? You might not know the best ATV to plow snow with maximum abilities. So, we are here to guide you. In this article, we will provide you with all the features and specifications which help the performance of ATVs in plowing snow. So then, you will be able to find the best ATV for you to low snow.

What Size ATV is Best for Snow Plowing?

When choosing a size that is suitable to plow snow, the ATV should provide enough power to get rid of all the snow. So, the best size of an ATV to plow snow should be between 400 – 800 cc when considering the latest information on ATVs.

You should choose your ATV, not too small or not too large. It should be easy to maneuver and efficient at the same time. If you have a small ATV, that might get stuck in the snow. An ATV with a suitable size for plowing snow will also give you enough ground clearance as well.

Is Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) Essential for Snow Plowing ATVs?

Yes. 4WD System is one of the main factors that should be considered when selecting the best ATV for plowing snow.

4WD System of Four-Wheel Drive system ensures the excellent traction of your ATV. Also, with that, it is easy to control and handle the ATV. Therefore, it is a great help when driving in the snow.

Moreover, the Four-Wheel Drive system reduces the risks that happen when driving on adventurous trails and helps in preventing the wheel from spinning.

With the help of a 4WD System, your ATV will be able to provide you with the best performance, durability, and low fuel consumption.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best ATV for Plowing Snow

ATVs are best for plowing snow because they can ride on various trails, including dangerous and slippery surfaces. For the widely known stability, balance, and traction, there are various factors that help ATVs to provide a reliable service. Below are the key factors to consider when choosing the best ATV for plowing snow.


When selecting tires for the ATV, you should purchase snow tires or tires that withstand cold temperatures. Those tires have a better grip that is suitable for riding on tough, slippery, or icy roads. Also, those are easy to control and prevent wheel spinning as well.

Engine Size

Engine size is essential for an ATV. The size of the ATV also depends on the engine size. Larger engines will help you to plow snow powerfully. As they generate more power, it is easy to plow snow in deeper snow areas too. But larger ATVs are hard to maneuver and cost a lot of money in the process of maintenance and operation.

On the other side, smaller ATVs are light in weight and easy to operate. They won’t need much manpower and money to control and maintain also. But it is tough to get rid of snow in deep snow areas. Therefore, it is better to choose an ATV with an average-sized engine, that will benefit you in all these aspects.


ATVs have three types of transmissions; Manual transmission, semi-automatic transmission (clutch and gear shifting), and automatic transmission (continuously variable transmission – CTV transmission). Automatic transmission is easy to operate, and the rider can fully focus on his work, whether it is towing, plowing, etc. It can maintain the speed while changing it suitably and easily. If you experience heavy snowfalls in your area, having an automatic transmission will be a lot of help than a manual transmission ATV.

Electric Power Steering

This is another factor that you should consider for the best ATV to plow snow. ATVs with electric power steering help you to navigate on icy and snowy roads easily and plow snow effectively.

Gas-Powered vs Electric ATVs: Which is Better for Snow Plowing

Gas-Powered vs Electric ATVs: Which is Better for Snow Plowing?

Gas-powered ATVs are much better when plowing snow. That’s because electricity is needed to warm the grips, thumb throttle, and seat covers due to the cold environment. And those need more power consumption. That might also lead to battery drainage when you use electricity to plow snow.

What Attachments Can Improve ATV Snow Plowing?

If you can have winter-ready accessories for your ATV, it would be better to plow snow. Below are some of these attachments you can try!

  • Elevated LED light: Sometimes, the plow might cover the headlights when lifting. Therefore, attaching a high enough LED light bar will give you optimal visibility.
  • Upgrade tires: Use winter tires to avoid getting stuck on heavy snow and to withstand the cold weather.
  • Attach a winch: Winch will help you to navigate on snowy roads easily without getting stuck.
  • Heated grips, thumb throttle, and seat cover: It is essential for you to be heated up to work efficiently, even if it consumes more power.

Tips for Keeping Your Snow Plowing ATV in Good Condition

When you are using an ATV to plow snow, it is important to take good care of it too. As it helps you get rid of snow, it is your responsibility to maintain its durability. For that, below are some tips you should follow:

  • Regular maintenance of the ATV.
  • Clean the ATV after using it to plow snow. Remove stuck snow on the ATV, or it will damage the machine parts inside, including the engine.
  • Use snow and mudguards for tires to ensure the durability of the traction they provide.

Some of the Best ATVs to Plow Snow

Below are some examples of the best ATVs that are widely known for plowing snow.

Watch this One,


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