Do brake calipers come under warranty

Do Brake Calipers Come Under Warranty?

Brake calipers are an essential part of the braking system which handles the stopping power of any vehicle. Thus, it is important to repair or replace brake calipers whenever they are damaged. Then, the question will pop up: ‘Do brake calipers come under warranty?’

As we all know, car warranties are vastly different from each other. However, it is worth having a general idea about how car warranties act when it encounters brake caliper damage. So, let us provide enough knowledge in this regard! 

Do Brake Calipers Come Under Warranty?

In general, brake calipers do not come under warranty. However, it depends on several factors, such as the type of warranty. From our experience, here’s a simple breakdown to help you understand based on the type of warranty.

Does Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover Brake Calipers?

Usually, brake calipers aren’t covered in standard manufacturer’s warranties. They’re more about fixing things that weren’t made right, not parts that get worn out from normal use.

Do Extended Warranties or Service Packages Cover Brake Caipers?

Some of these might cover brake calipers, especially if they offer a special plan for the whole brake system. We suggest checking the details of your warranty to see if this is the case.

Do Third-Party Extended Warranties Cover Brake Calipers?

There are some warranties from other companies that might cover brake calipers, especially if they’re for the brakes. So, you can go for such a warranty if the standard warranty lacks this offer. 

Other Factors Affecting Brake Caliper Warranty

In addition to the type of warranty you have, there are some other factors that have a say on the brake caliper warranty.

Cause of Failure

  • Manufacturing Defects: If your caliper stops working because it was made wrong or with bad materials, it could be covered under the warranty.
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Most warranties don’t cover calipers for just getting old and worn out from regular driving.
  • Accidental Damage or Negligence: If something else like a crash, rust, or not taking care of your car causes problems with the caliper, that usually isn’t covered.

Age and Mileage of the Vehicle

Warranties often have limits on how old the car can be or how many miles it can have for the warranty to still work. So, even if calipers are covered, the warranty might be over if the car’s too old or has been driven a lot.

Vehicle Model and Brand

This can change depending on what car model you have. It’s really important to look at your car’s manual or the warranty booklet to get the exact info for your car.

How do I know if my brake calipers come under warranty? 

To determine if your brake calipers come under warranty, you need to go through the vehicle’s documents. Let us guide you to find the exact warranty regulations related to brake calipers. 

Check Your Vehicle’s Warranty Documentation: Start by reviewing the warranty booklet or documents that came with your vehicle. This information will typically outline what is and isn’t covered. We suggest you look for sections on brake system coverage.

Examine the Warranty Details: Pay close attention to the specifics, such as the time period the warranty covers and any mileage limits. Also, check for any conditions or exclusions that might apply.

Consider the Cause of the Issue: Warranties typically cover manufacturing defects, not wear and tear from regular use. If your calipers are failing due to normal wear or lack of maintenance, they’re less likely to be covered.

Contact the Dealership or Warranty Provider: If you’re unsure after reviewing the documentation or if it is an emergency, the best way to confirm is to contact the dealership where you purchased the car or the warranty provider directly. They can clarify the coverage specifics for your vehicle.

Keep Maintenance Records Handy: If you’re making a warranty claim, having a record of regular maintenance can be helpful. It shows that you’ve taken good care of your vehicle, which can support your claim.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Calipers? 

Normally, the cost of replacing brake calipers ranges from $250 to $1000. The price can be quite different depending on a few things, and the aforementioned price range includes both the parts and the work to put them in.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what affects the price:

  • Fancy or luxury cars often have special calipers that can cost more. On the other hand, common cars might have cheaper options available.
  • Replacing all four calipers, of course, will cost more than just doing one.
  • The basic single-piston calipers are usually less expensive compared to fancy multi-piston ones used in high-performance cars. You could also think about reconditioned calipers, which can be cheaper. However, check whether they are in good condition. 
  • The cost of labor can vary a lot depending on where you go and your local market. If you’re good with cars, doing it yourself can save a lot of money, but remember it’s important to be safe and know what you’re doing.
  • Most of the time, you’ll need to replace the brake fluid, too when you get new calipers, which adds a bit to the total cost. If there are other things to fix, like the brake rotors, that can increase your bill, too.

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